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Solar Control Film Protects Furnishings, Skin From Harmful UVR

A silk carpet you haggled over for hours at a traditional market. An original artwork by a now-famous acquaintance. A quilt hand-made by your great-grandmother.

Homes don't just house families. They house memories. But over time, ultraviolet radiation (UVR) transmitted through untreated windows can degrade pigments and polymers and cause fading, cracking and disintegration of your keepsakes and furnishings.

Interior damage isn't limited to homes and businesses. UV radiation also passes through untreated auto glass, causing discoloration and cracking of even the best-quality upholstery.

And if the sun can cause leather and plastic to disintegrate over time, just imagine what it does to your skin. Repeated exposure to UVR degrades your skin's natural collagen, increasing your risk of premature aging and even cancer.

If you're ready to fight the effects of UVR on your health and furnishings, consider solar control window film for your home and vehicle. 
Films act like a "sunscreen" for your glass by increasing the amount of solar energy your windows can reflect and absorb. American Standard window films from Solar Control Films Midwest reject over 99% of UV radiation.

Solar control films are so effective at protecting artwork and furnishings, they're often used in the preservation of historic buildings. Today's virtually
transparent films block harmful UVR while preserving the original appearance of windows and interiors.

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