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Global Window Film Architectural Films

Architectural Window Films

Product Series

Warranty Term (Comm./Res.)


Enhance the look of your home & block solar heat with lifetime residential warranty window films.  Call you distributor now toll free at 877.989.3456 to find a local tinter in your area to professional install architectural film & start conserving energy now by blocking the solar heat.

Gloal Window Films
Automotive Films

Automotive Films

Product Series

Warranty Term

Ceramic QDP


Automotive tint enhances the look of any car and keep you cool all summer long.  Lifetime auto warranty films from GWF is the perfect compliment to any car.  GWF auto tints consist of the following:

  • QDP:  Non Reflective 1.5 mill auto tint
  • HP:  High Performance 1.5 mil HP auto tint

Visit our second tint wholesale warehouse in Houston, Texas for auto tint, commercial films, home window tint, safety films and tinting tools.


Sun Control Films by Global Window Film, GWF, consists of multiple product lines to meet & exceed consumers varied needs.

  • Neutral
  • Solar Bronze 
  • Silver Reflection
  • Grey/ Silver Grey
  • Silver Grey
  • Dual Reflective

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