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Anti Graffiti Series Architectural Films

  • 4 Mil AG Clear
  • 6 Mil AG Clear
  • 7 Mil AG Clear
  • Black Out Anti Graffiti
  • White Out
  • 8 Mil 4+4 Anti Graffiti (HC on each 4)

Protect yourself against graffiti & scratch etchings with anti graffiti films.  Add a protetive layer of film and when the vandals strike & add their mark with spray paint, key etchings or the like; simply remove the film & add a new layer.  No more replacing expensive pieces of glass.

Anti Graffiti Films

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Standard Window Film
offers you a level of protection from vandals

Graffiti is an eyesore that damages your property, business and bottom line.  Anti Graffiti films can be engaged as a sacrificial shield to protect glass and most any smooth surface.  This thin, invisible layer can be deployed to protect storefronts, elevators, table tops and restroom surfaces from intentional or incidental damage.

Anti Graffiti films utilize a special adhesive that facilitates easy removal and replacement by a professional installer following damage to the surface.  The damaged film, acting as a sacrificial shield, is removed revealing the protected original surface.  A fresh layer of Anti Graffiti film is then applied to the pristine surface for protection from future damage. 

Anti Graffiti films also offer an additional layer of protection by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays that contribute to the fading of interior furnishings, fixtures and valuable merchandise.

Additional protection is rendered as the film mitigates damage of broken glass by containing dangerous shards in the event of accidental breakage protecting employees and customers.

Anti Graffiti films incorporate a property Dura slide hard coat system that feels and appears like glass to vandals.  As such, the vandal will deface the surface and move on never knowing that the permanent surface remained free from marking or damage.  With quick replacement of damaged film with the new Anti Graffiti film, your business is spared the cost of replacement and the loss of goodwill from unsightly graffiti.

Consult your dealer to engage in Anti Graffiti film to protect your business

Available in 4-mil, 6-mil, 7-mil & 8-mil thickness.


Solar Series Window Film consists of multiple product lines to meet consumers varied needs.

  • Neutral: neutral sputtered film
  • SB: bronze sputtered film
  • Reflection: silver reflective metallized film
  • DR: low interior reflectivity commercial dual reflective film
  • Mirror: low interior reflectivity dual reflective one-way mirror film
  • GSG: low interior and exterior reflectivity black film

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