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Neutral 50

Neutral 50

Technical Specifications

Window Film Performance Data

% Total Solar

% Visible Light
     Refl (int)
     Refl (ext)

%Ultraviolet Rejection

% Glare Reduction
Shading Coefficient
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

%Total Solar energy Rejection







Important:  All tested materials were applied on a 1/4" glass surface in accordance with industry standard tests.  the intended purpose of the data provided is for comparison purposes only.

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Neutral Series

Need to block glare & reduce the heat load without sacraficing your view & natural light?  Nature 50 blocks 42% of the heat, stops the harmful ultraviolet light, reduces hot spots, reduces glare, conserves energy, keeps you cooler and saves you money year after year on your utility bill. 

Neutral 50 will stop 42% of the total heat (TSER) from passing through your glass windows and reduce annoying glare by 46% so that you can see that big screen tv and your computer screen.

The Neutral series provides a neutral, natural view.  This films series uses sputtered metal & offers exceptional clarity with the result of superior performance.

DR Series film include:


Standard Window Films are Made in USA

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Basic Shades of Window Film (5% Dark Shade to 70% Light Shade)

Window Film Architectural Specification for Building Project

Neutral 50 Window Film



A.         Solar control film applied to existing glass.

1.2          REFERENCES

A.         American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)

B.         American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

C.         Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL)

D.         American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

E.         International Standards Organization (ISO)

F.         International Window Film Association (IWFA)

1.3          SUBMITTALS

A.      Product Data:  Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used, including:

1      Physical properties and independent testing agency reports showing compliance with specified tests.

2      Preparation instructions and recommendations.

3      Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.

4      Installation methods.

B.         Verification Samples:  For each finish product specified, two samples, minimum size 6 inches (150 mm) square, representing actual product, color, and patterns.


A. Manufacturer Qualifications: Solar film manufacturer shall be the standard product of a manufacturer regularly engaged in the manufacture and distribution of such products in satisfactory use for a minimum of 2 years.

B. Installer Qualifications: Documented experience in the application of self adhesive window films with at least 10 applications of similar size and complexity, and approved by the solar film manufacturer and distributor

C. Mock-Up:  Provide a mock-up for evaluation of surface preparation techniques and application workmanship.

1      Apply film to one window designated by Architect.

2      Do not proceed with remaining work until workmanship and color, is approved by Architect.


A. Store products indoors in manufacturer's unopened packaging until ready for installation.


A. Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results.  Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer's absolute limits.

1.7          WARRANTY

A.      Provide film manufacturer's limited warranty against failure of film, including change of color, peeling, bubbling, rippling, cracking, delamination and demetalization; include cost of material and labor for removal and reinstallation. Duration of warranty shall be as follows:

1      Ten Year Limited Warranty for the following products:

a.         ASWF Nature 50

PART  2  PRODUCTS        

2.1          MANUFACTURERS

A. Acceptable Manufacturer & Distributor: Solar Control Films Inc, which is located at: 6100 Chapman Street ; Toll Free Tel: 877.989.3456; Tel: 713.681.3000;

Email: request info (info@sctinting.com); Web: www.sctinting.com

2.2               SOLAR CONTROL FILM

A. Neutral 50 solar control film shall have the following properties when applied to 1/4 inch (6 mm) clear float glass.

1      Film Performance Results, Nominal

a.         Solar Transmittance 44 percent

b.         Solar Absorptance 43 percent

c.         Solar Reflectance 13 percent

d.         Visible Light Transmittance 49 percent

e.         Visible Light Reflectance (Exterior) 14 percent

f.          Visible Light Reflectance (Interior) 12 percent

g.                     Shading Coefficient .67

h.         Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .58

i.          Ultraviolet Light Blocked (300-380 nanometers)  greater than  99 percent

j.          Total Solar Energy Rejected 42 percent

2      Physical and Thermal Properties, Nominal

a.         Film Thickness: 1.5 mils (38 microns).

b.         Tensile Strength 30,000 lbs/sq in (2,110 kg/cm sq)

c.         Combustion Rate Negligible

d.         Melting Point 260-265 degrees C

PART  3  EXECUTION        

3.1          EXAMINATION

A. Do not begin installation until substrates have been properly prepared.

B. If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.

3.2          PREPARATION

A. Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.

B. Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.

3.3          INSTALLATION

A. Install in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Installation must be accomplished by a recognized professional installer of film for energy control purposes.  Completed work must meet IWFA visual acceptance standard.

B. Install without bubbles, ripples, drips, dirt, cuts, tears or gaps between film and frame.

C. Clean newly installed film and window frames after installation.

D. Clean up cleaning solutions, run-off cleaning water and adhesive mounting solution.

3.4          PROTECTION

A.         Protect installed products until completion of project.

B.         Where installed film could be damaged by subsequent construction provide tape warning strips or barricades to prevent contact.




The Neutral series provides a neutral, natural view.  This sputtered film offers exceptional clarity and low reflectivity in the 40% & 50% vlt.

Neutral window films offer the following benefits:

  • Beautiful neutral color & tone
  • Heat reduction to increase comfort and minimize hot and cold spots
  • Glare reduction to reduce eyestrain
  • Provides energy savings through lower air conditioning costs
  • Blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays to help reduce fading
  • Durable, scratch resistant coating
  • Manufacturer's warranty

Solar Series by SCF Standard Window Film consists of multiple product lines to meet consumers varied needs.

  • Neutral: neutral sputtered film
  • SB: bronze sputtered film
  • Mirror Reflection: silver reflective metallized film
  • DR: low interior reflectivity commercial dual reflective film
  • Super Mirror: low interior reflectivity dual reflective one-way mirror film
  • GSG: low interior and exterior reflectivity black film

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