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Architectural Tint

American Standard Window Film

  • Sky Series / Dual Reflective
  • Nature Series / Neutral
  • Moonlight Series  / Dye-Silver-Dye 
  • Horizon Series  / Solar Bronze
  • Reflection Series / Silver
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Decorative
  • Safety & Shatter Resistant Laminates

ASWF Automotive Lines

  • Non Reflective Auto, Excel
  • High Performance Auto, Performer
  • Metallic Auto

Tinting Tools

  • Olfa Blades
  • Squeegees
  • Stroke Doctor
  • Olfa Knife
  • Scrapers

Wholesale Tint Distribution Centers in St. Louis, MO & Houston, TX for ASWF Films by American Standard

Improved Aesthetics
The exterior appearance of your building will be dramatically improved with the installation of window films to the existing glass windows.  The tone of your windows will be deeper allowing the glass to obscure window treatments or other furnishings currently visible through your glass.  With these deeper tones, the glazing portions of the building envelope will have a consistent, uniform appearance.

The interior aesthetics of your home and office will be impacted favorably as well.  Solar Control Films block UV and reduce other factors that contribute to fading, thereby, extending the life and maintaining the appearance of interior furnishings.  The overall ambience of the interior space is improved as tenants allow soft filtered light to enter the space.

American film offers the design series of decorative films for applications to interior glazing.  This series of decorative film allows clear glass to be transformed into unique design elements by introducing color, patters or company logos.

Call your window film supplier now for more information on a local tinter that applies life time warranty window films from Solar Control:  866.973.FILM (3456) or local at 314.993.TINT (8468)

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American Standard Window Film

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