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Global Quick Dry Plus Charcoal
Premium Car Tint - Life Time Warranty
Non Reflective (NR) 5% Dark Shade

Quick Dry Plus
5% Dark

Technical Specifications

Window Film Performance Data

% Total Solar

% Visible Light
     Refl (int)
     Refl (ext)

%Ultraviolet Rejection
Shading Coefficient
% Glare Reduction

%Total Solar Energy Rejection





Limo Car Tint - Very Dark

Colar Stable Window Film - Dark

Important:  All tested materials were applied on a 1/4" glass surface in accordance with industry standard tests.  the intended purpose of the data provided is for comparison purposes only.

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Quick Dry Plus
Non Reflective (NR) Auto Series
Premium Car Tint - Life Time Warranty

The complete line of Global Window Film's Quick Dry Plus (QD+) includes the following shades from Dark Tint (5%) to Light Tint (70% Clear).  The QD+ premium series of car tint includes:

  • QDP NR Charcoal 5%
  • QDP NR Charcoal 20%
  • QDP NR Charcoal  30%
  • QDP NR Charcoal  35%
  • QDP NR Charcoal  40%
  • QDP NR Charcoal  45%
  • QDP NR Charcoal  50%
  • QD   NR Charcoal  70%

Non reflective window film is comprised of two layers of polyester that is 1.5 mil thick (40 microns) thick.  The UV inhibitors in this film block 99% of the harmful UV.  These films are color stable and will enhance the look of your car.

Other automotive window films include:

  • Ceramic QDP by Global Window Films
    • 4%, 18%, 33%, 42%, 50%
  • High Performance Charcoal (HP)
    • 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%

All of the above films are color stable and offer a factory back life time warranty by Global Window Films.

The complete line of Premium Ceramic QDP auto tint includes:

If you want the best vehicle film in the market for your car, Ceramic Auto is the film for you.  Every step of the manufacturing process has the highest quality control.  These ceramic films will block up to 85% of the infrared heat and stop 99% of the harmful UV rays.  These films will add a touch of class to every vehicle.

All of the above films are color stable and offer a factory back life time warranty.

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Visit our second tint wholesale warehouse in Houston, Texas for auto tint, commercial films, home window tint, safety films and tinting tools.

Quick Dry Plus comes in 5% Dark to 70% Light Shades.

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