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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Mom Cool & Proetect Her Skin By Blocking UV Rays
This mother's day why don't you do something more unique to protect your mom?  Have her car tinted or home windows installed with a UV blocking tint.  Auto and home tints will block 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays to help protect her skin.

Tint does not have to be dark to be effective.  Check out our new ceramic lines of window films that are virtually transparent but still block UV.  Clear 85, Ceramic 70 & Ceramic 50 are all great transparent glass coatings that will block the heat & UV; but remain clear for easy visibility.  It's insulation for your glass.
10:22 am est

New Auto Ceramic Tint Has Arrived
Solar Control Films has just launched a new line of automotive ceramic tint for your car, truck and suv.  These films come in a super limo dark 3%, 18%, 33% and 42%.

The window film techincal specifications include:

Film            VLT     Energy Rejected    UV Rejected

Ceramic 4     4%     68%             >99%

Ceramic 18  18%    62%             >99%

Ceramic 33  33%    58%             >99%

Ceramic 40  40%    53%             >99%

Call your tint supplier at 314.993.8468 to find out more information on how to cool off.

9:10 am est

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